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A’s Week in Twitter: Montas debuts, Manaea is bald, and more!

From Frankie Montas’ first win as a starter, to Sean Manaea’s new ‘do, it was another good week in the A’s Twitterverse.

Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

It was yet another good week for Oakland A’s baseball, and thus the A’s Twitterverse. From Frankie Montas’ first win as a starter, to Matt Chapman’s ridiculous arm, scroll down to relive the week that was.

Good to know that someone has a fond memory stemming from the 2013 ALDS.

Just look at this smile.

Manaea gave up 6 runs and shaved his head the next day – let’s hope this isn’t his “Britney” moment.

We were all thinking it.

Just a general shoutout to 6’8” Nate, and all the great GIFs that came from his tenure (also, check out his Fangraphs piece).

Too easy.

Also too easy.

The front office here to help fans deal with the ups, and the downs, in the healthiest way possible.

Tweeted before the trade, but still relevant.

We‘re gonna need a masked Canha bobblehead.

Can we get this guy on the mound ... just once? Please?

Well, this is refreshing.

For us long-distance A’s fans, it’s great to watch the Coliseum evolve from afar.