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Oakland A’s Week in Twitter: Stephen Piscotty returns, Dustin Fowler debuts, and more!

Last week, we were reminded of the beauty of baseball in multiple ways.

MLB: Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy week for the A’s, who saw Stephen Piscotty return to the lineup, and Dustin Fowler make his major league batting debut against the very team that traded him. Scroll to check out the week what was in A’s Twitter.

The beauty of baseball:

The beauty of baseball, part 2:

In case you need reminding:

This is ... extremely accurate, unfortunately.

Stare at Frank’s smile and watch all your troubles melt away.

It was a conflicted night.

Highly recommend the @SmilingBirdLogo account if you’re yet to follow.

Only time will tell which Harvey will prevail.

Good work, guys.

Most of A’s Twitter for the past two days summed up in one tweet:

Major props to the Yankees, as well as Jon Lester and Yu Darvish, who each personally donated $10,000.