No Fork Yet.....Color Me Surprised! A Winning Month!!!

On April 5th I wrote a fanpost on whether it was time to stick a fork in A's season as they were sliding to irrelevancy even earlier than in previous years. I had always given them until Memorial Day before proclaiming the season over, and the start this year seemed worse then ever.......Well, color me surprised because the month of April has ended with our boys at an even .500. I not only did not think this was possible, but now that the month of April has closed out we actually had a winning month!!

Looking at April only, the A's won one more game than they lost. When is the last time that the A's had a winning month? Someone has to know, and could fill in with a comment as to how long ago it was that the A's won more in a month than they lost. I am glad that the fork is still in the may not be there for long, and the bar may be set low, but as April ends, the A's are not a terrible team.