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Oakland A’s Twitter roundup: Ace Manaea, T-Ball lineups, and more!

Athletics Nation catches you up on the week that was – on Twitter.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

As could be expected, much of the Twitterverse in the week following Sean Manaea’s no-hitter was still centered on him. Scroll to check out the week that was.

We’ll leave you to imagine the BARTOLO/BARTON all-caps scenarios.

Sean Manaea is just on fire on all fronts.

IT’S HAPPENING! *cues Ron Paul ‘it’s happening’ GIF*

And this is how it’s happening

The entire interaction below was blowing up all week. You have to read the replies to the Maller’s second tweet to fully appreciate it.

Pre-mustache Mengden.

We never want to celebrate an A’s strikeout, but Hamels’ reaction was just too good.

How you know you’ve truly made it:

This is about the closest the team can get to traveling with an actual piece of the Coliseum.

Not every team can have the best RF fans like we do, though.