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Oakland A’s Twitter roundup: All the hits from Sean Manaea’s no-no

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Great pitching leads to great Tweets.

Boston Red Sox v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If you somehow missed it, Sean Manaea no-hit the league-leading Red Sox last night. Here’s our full recap. The only thing nearly as good the no-hitter itself? All the great Twitter content it sparked. Scroll down to check out the highlights from the last 24 hours.

A classic.

Statcast approved.

Nothing but respect from the 27th out.

Well, looks like you’ll all have to quit your day jobs and go to every game, ever.

Indeed he was.

A career-best night for all of us!

Six years ago, Reddick laid the foundation for last night’s celebrations.

Probably the best use of this Twitter trope imaginable (and yes, that’s Hanley Ramirez in both photos).

Maybe Sean was really just trying to do you a solid, Sonny. We truly hope you’re the next to no-hit the Red Sox.

Started from the bottom, now he’s here.

Real-time footage of all of us watching the final out.

So. Sweet.

Probably also how Manaea looked when he realized in the EIGHTH inning that he had a no-hitter.

Box scores don’t get much prettier than that.

Three straight sliders for dinner, but his pitch selection showed more variety.

High praise from a veteran All-Star catcher!

Manaea takes his place in A’s history.

Finally, we’ll leave you with the legendary Ken Korach making the call on the final out.