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More Than Just Pride on the Line in the Bay Bridge Series

Fallen Debris Forces Closure Of Bay Bridge Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Beating your rivals is great, but what’s even greater is having a big ol’ token of proof that you beat your rivals.

Today, the A’s and Giants announced that their annual Bay Bridge Series has more than just pride at stake, there’s also steel. Dubbed The Bridge, and made from salvaged steel from the Oakland Bay Bridge, the winner of the interdivisional series each season will now take home this fine trophy.

So shiny. So chrome.

Not including that one time back in 1989 when the A’s never trailed in any game and swept the Giants in 4 games in the World Series, since Interleague Play began the A’s currently have the overall advantage in head-to-head matchups with a 59-55 record.

The rules to winning the trophy are fairly basic: The Bridge will be given to the team that wins the most head-to-head matchups during the season. If the A’s and Giants finish with the same number of wins and losses, the winner of the final game receives The Bridge.

The A’s and Giants first face off this season in San Francisco on July 13-15, and then, after the All Star Break, play each other in Oakland from July 20-22.

If and when the A’s win the Bay Bridge series, the trophy will be presented in a ceremony to the team on the field immediately after the game ends. If the other team somehow wins the series, the trophy will be awarded in their clubhouse following the game.

This innovative trophy has interchangeable parts, and whichever team wins the trophy will be able to place their team logo atop the trophy, so there will be no question which team is the superior.

“The Bay Bridge series has always been exciting for our fans,” said A’s President Dave Kaval. “What better way to enhance the friendly rivalry with our cross-town neighbors than with The Bridge trophy uniquely made from steel from the original San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge? We’re excited to claim bragging rights in the Bay and hoist the trophy up at the Coliseum.”

Friendly rivalry? Anyways,

While the regular season usually devolves into a grueling slog of games, the Bay Bridge Series has always injected extra excitement into the dog days of summer. With the addition of this trophy, and the on-field ceremony that comes along with it, the series now has even more meaning. This is for more than just fans, players and coaches on both teams have made claims that the games between these two storied franchises carry extra meaning and significance.

Let’s win that trophy!