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Buy your Oly Toledo T-shirt today!

Matt Olson burst onto the scene last year with 24 HR in 59 games. We can’t wait to see what he does in a full season!

The Oakland A’s have a new young core emerging, and the biggest name so far has been Matt Olson. The slugger hit 24 homers last year in just 59 games, which was enough to finish fourth in Rookie Of The Year voting despite his limited playing time. Let’s get pumped for Opening Day and dream about what “Oly” can do in a full season of baseball!


Here’s the design:

The shirt is available on the BreakingT website for $25, and you can click here to order. Full disclosure, we get a little cut of the action — but make sure you click through one of the links in this post so we get credit for sending you! Details:

  • White and yellow print on a super-comfortable green tee
  • Premium, lightweight blended crewneck (60% cotton/40% polyester), durable, yet ultra-soft
  • Unisex sizing with a snug fit. Men should size up; women should size down.