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Elephant Rumblings: Oakland’s Catchers Have Room To Improve, 5 A’s Prospects Land on BP’s Top 101

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MLB: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

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Today in Baseball History:

  • 2002 – On what amounted to a busy day off the diamond, Major League Baseball announces the withdrawal of its plan for contraction this upcoming season, but the sport is still determined to eliminate two teams in 2003. Attempts to contract the Minnesota Twins and Montreal Expos this season could not be accomplished due to a series of legal decisions and fierce opposition from the Players Association.
  • Also on this day in 2002, the Houston Astros file a motion in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, asking the court to determine whether the 30-year naming agreement with Enron signed in 1999 should continue. The team does not want to call its stadium Enron Field any longer due to the financial burden placed on many Houston-area residents caused by the bankrupt energy company’s disputable business practices.

Best of Twitter:

  • It’s certainly possible the A’s still add a bigger-name starter...
  • This was an enjoyable moment...
  • Michaels then referred to Trout again, this time saying he played for the ‘Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’...