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Oakland A’s Player Profile: Stephen Piscotty

The A’s acquire Piscotty in the most heartwarming deal of the offseason.

Stephen Piscotty’s bittersweet path to the A’s started with a sad twist of fate last season when his mom was diagnosed with ALS. Piscotty missed part of his time with the Cardinals to be with her and the rest of his family back at home in northern California. In perhaps the most heartwarming deal of the offseason, the Cardinals made a deal with Oakland to send the 26-year-old outfielder home for a couple minor leaguers (Munoz and Schrock).

Not only was Piscotty given peace of mind and a close proximity to his mom, but he now had ended up on the A’s, the team he had been raised a fan of since birth.

Piscotty was named MVP of the East Bay Athletic League senior year of high school in Pleasanton. Three years later, he was named an All-American and All-Pac-12 at Stanford. He graduated with a degree in atmosphere and energy engineering and was scooped up by St. Louis with the 36th selection of the 2012 draft.

Or, you could say, he graduated from a Cardinal to … the Cardinals!

(Side note: My computer actually keeps trying to auto-correct ‘Piscotty’ to ‘Biscotti’ as I write this piece.)

As far as our professional scientists* at Athletics Nation know, Stephen Piscotty is not actually a giant cookie, but his story is sweet enough that he may as well be one.

The Piscotty family would of course passionately root for their son wherever he went, but back in their own home, they’ve kept their die-hard A’s fandom loud and proud. Dad Piscotty is a season ticket holder and now has even more of a reason to make the short journey to the Coliseum. He gets to see his team, and now he gets to see his son live out a boyhood dream so few actually get to reach. Not only playing in the majors, but playing for the heroes of his boyhood.

And maybe, just maybe, he’ll help bring some of the magic back to the Coliseum that the A’s, as well as his family, desperately crave.