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Matt Chapman has shoulder surgery, but don’t panic

He should be swinging a bat again by the end of January.

Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The Oakland A’s sent out the following press release on Friday. Before you read it, go in knowing that it doesn’t sound like too big a deal.

Chapman had successful surgery today on his left shoulder with Dr. William Workman at the Bass Surgical Center in Walnut Creek, CA. Dr. Workman performed a distal clavicle resection procedure on Chapman’s left shoulder and anticipates that he will be ready to swing in six weeks. The third baseman will begin physical therapy next week.

Matt first felt symptoms recently while performing his off-season workouts and was evaluated this week in Oakland.

This is the second surgery for Chapman this offseason after having successful right thumb surgery on Oct. 16th. Dr. Steven Shin performed an ulnar sided sesamoid bone excision along the right thumb at the Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles. Dr. Shin was pleased with the outcome of that surgery and anticipates Matt to make a full recovery prior to the start of spring training.

Chapman is the A’s best player, so of course his health is a particularly big deal. He’s the best defender in the sport at any position, and he was also the top hitter on the team last season.

As noted above, this isn’t Chapman’s first brush with injury. The thumb problem cost him a couple weeks in 2018, though he still played in 145 games and that issue now appears to be resolved. He was no stranger to the DL in the minors, too, landing there a few times during his climb toward the bigs and then once more just after his debut in 2017.

Hot takes

Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like this latest setback is anything to worry about. Obviously any surgery is notable, most of all for the person undergoing it, but in pure baseball terms everything could be OK. To put the six-week timetable into perspective, spring training games don’t start for another 10 weeks, the Japan series is in 14 weeks, and the U.S. opener is in 15 weeks.

Susan Slusser retweeted the following explanation of what Chapman is dealing with this time around:

Everyone at AN wishes Chapman a speedy, painless recovery and a clean bill of health!