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A’s Week in Twitter: Clinches, consistency, and more!

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with A’s Week in Twitter, where we round up the best of the Oakland Athletics Twitterverse. You wouldn’t know that Khris Davis crushed an MLB-leading 48 homers this year, because on Twitter, his record 4th-straight year of batting .247 has been by far a bigger story. So from Khris’ consistency, to clinching the Wild Card spot, scroll to see what made the cut!

This is really happening, huh?

Reminder of the journey that got us here.

Legendary stuff.

Ah yes ... hilarious.

Time for Brad to dust off the ol’ uni.

Let’s hope.

So #real.

Who even cares about the home run title, anyway?

Good one.


It bodes well he sees this as a dream.

Seven. Earned. Runs. All. Year.

Who woulda thunk?

Music to our ears.

Still worried about Hendriks starting the big game? Fear not, puppies believe in him.

Optimal arrow launch angle applies to popping bottles as well.

The following is just a compilation of post-clinch antics. Enjoy.