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A’s Final 2017 Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders

Renato Nunez
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As Alex Hall informed you here last night, the Midland RockHounds won their playoff series on Sunday and will now attempt to win their fourth straight Texas League title in a best-of-five series against Tulsa that starts in Midland on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Vermont will try to clinch is best-of-three playoff series against Mahoning Valley on Monday.

In the meantime, with the regular season now complete for all the A’s affiliates, I wanted to offer a quick look at the A’s minor league statistical leaders this season. You can stay up to date on the A’s top prospects and all the daily action as Midland and Vermont continue their quests for titles on my Athletics Farm site.

But first, check out this photo by “Shed” from Saturday’s A’s Nation meetup at the Coliseum with special guest Dave Kaval. Test your AN knowledge by showing how many ANers you can identify - it’s kind of like Guido Sarducci’s old “find the popes in the pizza” contest...

A’s Nation meetup with special guest Dave Kaval
Photo by “Shed”

Includes Nashville Sounds (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A), AZL A’s (Rk)


172 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)

148 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

141 J.P. Sportman OF (Mid)

140 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

136 Franklin Barreto SS (Nas) / Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)


32 Eli White SS (Sto)

29 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

29 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)

28 Kyle Nowlin 1B (Bel)

28 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)


8 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

8 Trace Loehr 3B-2B (Bel)

7 Jorge Mateo SS (Mid) / Luis Barrera OF (Bel-Sto)

7 Skye Bolt OF (Sto) / Franklin Barreto SS (Nas)

7 Nate Mondou 2B (Bel-Sto) / Seth Brown OF (Sto)


32 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)

30 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

23 Matt Olson 1B (Nas)

21 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

18 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)


262 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

245 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)

228 Skye Bolt OF (Sto)

218 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

216 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)


110 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)

109 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

78 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)

74 J.P. Sportman OF (Mid)

73 Mikey White 3B (Sto)


82 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)

80 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

80 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

78 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

76 Skye Bolt OF (Sto)


73 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

69 Kyle Nowlin 1B (Bel)

59 Nate Mondou 2B (Bel-Sto)

56 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

56 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)


164 JaVon Shelby OF (Bel)

146 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

143 Collin Theroux C (Bel)

141 Franklin Barreto SS (Nas)

141 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)


27 Mike Martin OF (Bel-Ver)

22 Yairo Munoz SS-3B-OF (Nas-Mid)

16 Luis Barrera OF (Bel-Sto)

16 Nate Mondou 2B (Bel-Sto)

16 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)


28 Eric Marinez SS (Bel)

25 Eli White SS (Sto)

21 Franklin Barreto SS (Nas)

21 Mikey White 3B (Sto)

20 Yairo Munoz SS-3B-OF (Nas-Mid)

--BATTING AVERAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.323 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)

.321 Max Schrock 2B (Mid)

.304 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

.300 Yairo Munoz SS-3B-OF (Nas-Mid)

.300 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

--ON-BASE PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.398 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

.379 Max Schrock 2B (Mid)

.366 B.J. Boyd OF (Mid)

.366 Nate Mondou 2B (Bel-Sto)

.365 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

--SLUGGING PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.518 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)

.506 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

.495 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

.464 Yairo Munoz SS-3B-OF (Nas-Mid)

.457 Mikey White 3B (Sto)

--ON-BASE + SLUGGING-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.861 Brett Siddall OF (Sto)

.846 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

.837 Renato Nunez OF-3B (Nas)

.829 Tyler Ramirez OF (Sto-Mid)

.801 Max Schrock 2B (Mid)


149 2/3 Heath Fillmyer RHP (Mid)

148 1/3 Grant Holmes RHP (Mid)

141 Matt Milburn RHP (Bel)

140 Angel Duno RHP (Sto)

133 2/3 Casey Meisner RHP (Sto-Mid)


184 A.J. Puk LHP (Mid-Sto)

150 Grant Holmes RHP (Mid)

140 Dalton Sawyer LHP (Sto-Bel-Nas)

136 Matt Milburn RHP (Bel)

126 Angel Duno RHP (Sto)


11 Grant Holmes RHP (Mid)

11 Heath Fillmyer RHP (Mid)

10 Casey Meisner RHP (Sto-Mid)

9 Dalton Sawyer LHP (Sto-Bel-Nas)

8 Evan Manarino LHP (Sto-Mid) / Angel Duno RHP (Sto)

8 Xavier Altamirano RHP (Bel) / Lou Trivino RHP (Nas-Mid)


19 Nolan Blackwood RHP (Sto)

12 Kyle Finnegan RHP (Mid-Nas)

6 Jake Sanchez RHP (Nas-Mid)

6 Sam Sheehan RHP (Bel)

6 Sam Bragg RHP (Mid) / Carlos Navas RHP (Mid-Sto)

--EARNED RUN AVERAGE-- (minimum 90 innings)

2.08 Zack Erwin LHP (Bel)

3.26 Brandon Bailey RHP (Bel-Sto)

3.41 Seth Martinez RHP (Bel-Ver)

3.49 Heath Fillmyer RHP (Mid)

3.58 Dalton Sawyer LHP (Sto-Bel)

--WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED-- (minimum 90 innings)

1.08 Zack Erwin LHP (Bel)

1.09 Brandon Bailey RHP (Bel-Sto)

1.14 Dustin Hurlbutt RHP (Sto-Mid-Nas)

1.16 Seth Martinez RHP (Bel)

1.16 Xavier Altamirano RHP (Bel)

Visit Athletics Farm for updates on the A’s minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.