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AN Meetup 9/9 - The Final Countdown

3 suites! Over 50 of ANs finest! 2 baseball games! Fancy catered food! Sold out!

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Oakland Athletics
It’s happening!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Game details

The Athletics Nation meetup is happening September 9th at the Coliseum for the doubleheader against the Astros. We have 3 luxury boxes next to each other. It’s gonna be awesome.


Change in ticket price - it’s about $18 per ticket

OK, so we now have 3 suites. Bad news is price goes up slightly, because they wouldn’t give us 3 suites at the rock bottom rate we got for 2, but it is still very cheap. If we fill up all the spots it comes out to $18. Still low, even compared to other tickets in the stadium, but if the price change is a major issue let me know and we’ll figure it out. No worries.

I will be emailing each person their tickets individually in the coming days and will sort out remaining ticket and food payments with each of you.


One of the suites comes with a burger bar (includes burgers, pasta salad, and some other snacks, water, soda). If you want the burger bar it’s $20/person. We also have 3 VIP parking passes for $20, which I believe Tutu and JustAnotherA’sFan want 1 each, so there’s still 1 parking pass available. Parking at the Coliseum is normally $20, so basically you get VIP for regular price.

We can add more food for the other suites. If you want to go in on food for the suites, it’s $20/person. Please comment or email me your preference.

Other than the suite that has the 18-person burger bar, any additional food can be ordered for as little as 6 people so if we even have 6 more people that want food, we can easily order more.

None of the food packages here include alcohol. On the day of the game you can order 6 packs or 12 packs or wine for the suite, I figure whoever wants that can just pitch in and order it.

You can of course buy food from any concessions stand or the food trucks. However, no outside food is allowed in the suites.

Suite Locations - East Loge suites 67, 68, and 69

These are outfield suites, but somehow we got 3 next to each other. Incredible. 67 is the one with the burger bar already set.

If you have tickets in another location: The suites are technically accessible only to people with suite tickets. I am told that they aren’t that strict about it, and someone might be able to walk you in to the suite. Most of us know every trick to getting anywhere in the Coliseum so I don’t think it will be an issue, but just letting you know, to guarantee entry you must have a ticket.

Pre-Game Tailgate Plans

Although we have 2 games, there is demand to tailgate. We are, after all, A’s fans. Roughly, we will meet starting around 10 or 10:30 in the part labeled B Lot on the map (South, Hegenberger side by the Coliseum), shaded towards the BART ramp. Hope Chest’s Mai Tai’s and Tutu’s Chili have been promised. A lethal combination and certainly a solid foundation for any tailgate.

Parking map

Roll Call


Name Tickets ($18 each if all spots are filled) Food - $20/person (18 burger bar spots, more TBD depending on interest) VIP Parking - $20 (3 avail)
Name Tickets ($18 each if all spots are filled) Food - $20/person (18 burger bar spots, more TBD depending on interest) VIP Parking - $20 (3 avail)
Jeremy Johnson 3
Nico 1 1
Praunlinde 2
Alex Hall 1
Jeremy Koo 3
Bill Moriarty 1 1
Billy Frijoles 13 12 1
510SportsTake 1
Tim Eckert-Fong 1
Hope Chest 3
gallo del cielo 1 1
Tutu-Late 3 3 1
Twinsen 1
Thischarmingham 2
GoldenStateGuerrero 2
Torrey's Tacos 1
Smith1051 4
JustAnotherAsFan 1 1 1
Shed 2 2
Danmerqury 1 1
Hit4TheCycle 2
martinimomo 1 1
NickDean 2
NoSleepTilOak 2
Totals 54 23 3

Tickets and parking are sold out!!

Food still available

If you want to come, or know anyone else that wants to come, please RSVP!

If you want food, please email me or note in the comments. My email:

Let me know if you have any questions!