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Athletics Nation 2017 Meetup Update: RSVP here!

All the details you need on the September 9, 2017 AN meetup

Join us for the AN meetup!
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Here we go!

We have two adjacent 18-person suites booked for the September 9th doubleheader against the Astros! Woo hoo!

Confirmed AN staff members attending are Nico, Alex Hall, Tim Eckert-Fong, Peggy Raun-Linde, Jeremy Koo, Bill Moriarty (A’s Farm), Jeremy Johnson, and 510SportsTake!

Here are confirmed RSVPs:

  • Jeremy Johnson +2
  • Nico
  • Peggy +1
  • Alex Hall
  • Jeremy Koo +2
  • Bill Moriarty
  • Billy Frijoles +2
  • 510SportsTake
  • Tim Eckert-Fong
  • Hope Chest +2
  • Gallo del Cielo
  • Tutu-Late
  • Twinsen
  • Thischarmingham +1
  • GoldenStateGuerrero +1
  • Torrey’s Tacos
  • Smith1051 +3
  • JustANotherA’sFan
  • Shed+1
  • danmerqury

1 spot left! Please confirm ASAP. Tickets are $11 - may be more if we add a 3rd suite.

RSVP by posting a comment below or send me an email, with the total number of people you will have. Kids under 2 are free.

If we have more than 36 RSVPs then I will definitely look into getting another suite, so if you want to join, please RSVP asap even though it is full, and I can see what we can pull.

If you already have tickets for the game somewhere else, I’m sure we can find a way for you to come by and hang. Please RSVP anyways and let me know that you already have your own tickets.

If we add a third suite it might change the ticket pricing but I believe it will be within a ~$20-25 range at most. If there are any season ticket holders that have not used their “Early Bird” discount that will be the best way to get a 3rd suite for dirt cheap and keep it closer to the $11.

We will figure out if we want to do a pre-game meetup, and other finer points once we have confirmed RSVPs.

If you RSVP and I confirm you’re on, I ask that you please paypal me or Chase quickpay $11/ticket at so I can hold your ticket. If the price eventually changes I’ll let everyone know.

Thank you! Please feel free to ask any questions here.