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Game #122: A’s Fall Flat in Opener

Joyce Homers for A’s Lone Run

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

So, that was a less-than-interesting opening to the weekend, TBH. I mean, for anyone who roots for the green and gold. There is a really exciting AL Wild Card race going on, but sadly, it hasn’t sunk to the .434 winning percentage level. I’m sorry kids, looks like you have to be a .500 team to vie for contention, which believe it or not, applies to the entire rest of the AL West; the Angels, Rangers, and Seattle. While Houston has had the AL West crown sewn up since practically April, everyone else in the league minus the A’s has sneakily held a .500 record and all are in play right now.

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The standings change daily, but right now, Minnesota has the first Wild Card; the Angels the second, with virtually the same record. On their heels, we find the Royals (.5 back), Seattle (.5 back) and Texas (1.5 back). Three other teams are within 3, making this stretch run fun for almost everyone. Well, except the A’s. And, you know, the White Sox. We’re not the White Sox.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you (collectively all six of you?) come to read about tonight’s game? I went out drinking. Because August A’s baseball. For all the talk of the injury and the dead arm, Sean Manaea did not pitch badly; although he struck out only two batters (coincidentally the same number of solo home runs he allowed), he spread out his two home runs and RBI single over six innings and six scattered hits. It was nothing to write home about, but it could have earned him a win.

See: baseball, August, A’s.

The A’s managed three hits of Houston starter Dallas Keuchel in his seven innings. Matt Joyce hit a home run in the eighth for the A’s lone run, and it wasn’t enough to erase Manaea’s deficit.

Someone called Hatcher pitched the seventh and eighth for the A’s, allowing no runs. Houston played great defense. Also, when I was listening on the radio, I couldn’t tell the difference between Brugman and Bregman, so I never knew who had the ball. Also, wine.

And that’s the game. I wish I had more to tell you. I hope you like one of the Wild Card teams.

We’ll see you back tomorrow for more exciting fun. I think it’s at 4PM our time. We’ll see Graveman on the mound. Remember when he had an exciting start to the season, and we’re like YES! We have ace pitching? Me either.

Hope you all have a great weekend! /baseballgirlout