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Elephant Rumblings: Trade Deadline Thread

Today’s the day...

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Oakland Athletics Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Trades & Trade Rumors:

  • The trade deadline is in less than six hours. Will Sonny go or will Sonny stay? Here’s the latest:
  • The Cubs and Tigers made a trade yesterday. Alex Avila and Justin Wilson head to the Windy City, with Jeimer Candelario, Issac Parades, and either a PTBNL or cash going back to Detroit. In case you were curious:
  • The Dodgers don’t appear ready to blink on sending any top prospects to Texas in exchange for Yu Darvish:
  • But a year after the Rangers parted with top prospects for Jonathan Lucroy, the Rockies acquired him yesterday for a PTBNL...


Best of Twitter:

  • From yesterday, just minutes after Pudge finished his speech, Adrian Beltre hit his 3,000th...
  • Perhaps the metrics just don’t capture the entirety of Marcus Semien’s defensive prowess...
  • 30-24 at home. 16-35 on the road. #RootedinOakland