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Trade rumors: Nationals interested in Sean Doolittle, Ryan Madson per Rosenthal

Trade season is heating up.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

It’s trade season, folks.

The Nats bullpen has been terrible, and acquiring two high leverage relievers would go a long way towards shoring up their relief crew.

Ryan Madson being traded has felt like somewhat of an inevitability after such a solid first half. The out of contention A’s don’t have a large need for a guy like Madson, who is unlikely to be a contributor to the next winning A’s team.

Doolittle would be tougher loss, both in terms of his future prospects to this team and his awesome personality. The lefty is under club control for another three seasons on a remarkably club friendly deal. He’s shown flashes of a return to brilliance this season, his fastball velocity back and his slider more consistent. He, like everyone, has struggled some with the dinger, but he’s a good reliever at worst (health provided) and a dominant one when things are right.

The Nationals have a solid but not overwhelming farm system, plenty in the tank to acquire two very good relievers from the A’s. Both Doolittle and Madson are serious trade chips, but neither will command a return like we saw with some of the top relievers last season.

Anyway, time to drop what you’re doing and make up some inane trade scenarios.