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Game #60: Watch The Warriors Instead

Yeah, I said it.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Even the Warriors' worst half is still more entertaining than this one. Pick your poison: The Triggs dumpster fire, baserunners running amok on Vogt, the A's losing the game 13-4, the 0-4 debut by Brugman. It all happened and none of it was good.

Triggs exited in the fourth inning, with eight earned runs. Zach Neal cleaned up with 5 of his own. Smart move by Melvin letting Neal finish the game, as the A's have three more games to go this weekend.

Let's hope that all of the games are better than this one. Credit a Davis single, a Vogt home run and a Rosales double for all the A's runs. Now go see if the Warriors can rally for the sweep.

baseballgirl out.