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Jesse Hahn, Yonder Alonso leave Tuesday’s game with injuries

Might as well save some time and place the whole organization on the disabled list.

The pitch that hit Alonso’s wrist.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Jesse Hahn left the game tonight in the top of the third with a right triceps injury.

The injury came a little bit out of nowhere, though there was a bit of possible foreshadowing.

Hahn was replaced by Bobby Wahl with one on in the third.

It’s a tough break for Hahn, who had seemingly re-found his 2015 form. There’s no word on the severity of the injury just yet, and arm injuries can take some time to suss out. The young Athletic organization will likely treat the injury with caution, giving Hahn ample time to recover, especially with the organization’s current pitching depth.

Yonder Alonso exits with a wrist injury

After missing a few games with a knee injury, Yonder Alonso made his triumphant return to the A’s lineup tonight. It took him no time at all to re-find his All-Star deserving form, as he homered in his first at bat back.

Unfortunately, Alonso left the game in the top of the seventh after being hit on the wrist in the bottom of the sixth. Jarlin Garcia’s fastball caught Alonso square on the right wrist, sending him crumbling to the ground and back to the dugout.

Alonso then emerged from the dugout, apparently still well enough to run prior to leaving the game in the top of the next frame.

Good news here, X-Rays are negative though don’t be surprised if the A’s ease Alonso back into action.

Injuries suck.