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Off day conversation: Who’s your least favorite Athletic who was actually pretty good?

Besides Matt Holliday.

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Dodgers
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Last time our precious A’s had the day off, we talked about our favorite players who really weren’t that good. That’s an easy and happy question. Who doesn’t love a quirky role player who isn’t quite that good but play on your favorite team?

Today, we’ll discuss a slightly less happy topic but one that’s still entertaining nonetheless. Who is your least favorite Oakland Athletic who was actually pretty darn good?

The right answer

There are very few Athletic fans who look back on the Matt Holiday era with much glee. He came over in a terrible trade, he was slightly underwhelming (albeit still pretty good), and he never smiled. Literally never. In the photo used in this article, he’s actually calling someone a penis. Rude.

The truth is, Matt Holliday was pretty good. He’s probably a decent human being too, but there’s just something fun and necessary about showing disdain for someone on a bad team.

Also, look at this pointy head.

Some other options

Danny Valencia

The people that actually spend time with the A’s former third baseman seem to not care for him one iota. He punched a teammate over some shoes when the A’s were a full season worth of wins out of contention, making the team look stupid and drawing more bad press to a team that didn’t really need it.

Valencia was a pretty solid hitter in his year and a half with the A’s but lacked the range to be a stud. He rarely hustled, often complained, and was a member of both the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Not a recipe for love from the fanbase.

Jon Lester


Jack Cust

Yes Jack Cust was good and is eligible for this list. He’s still likely to be a polarizing figure, as his home runs endeared him to some while his strikeouts drove others nuts. He was also an Athletic during Bob Geren’s reign of meh, meaning he was particularly vulnerable to angry fans.

Derek Norris

OMG it’s a freaking pitchout. Do your job. Also, the guy complained just a touch more than made me comfortable from my couch.