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“Retrobilia”: Tell Us about YOUR Collection

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Did you ever get a green A’s bat on Bat Day?

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This weekly blog is RetrOgrAde! and it is all about waxing nostalgic…going retro in our minds and remembering and sharing all things Oakland Athletics. Your help in commenting below will help us all remember and wax poetic about our beloved Athletics through the years. For the younger crowd, you might learn a few things about our history. For the more seasoned members of our group, you will no doubt be surprised about what memories will be jogged when participating in RetrOgrAde!

This week’s topic: “Retrobilia!” What memorabilia do you have that makes you smile every time you bring it out? Come on, this is a safe place to admit that while waiting for Opening Day, you combed through some of your memorabilia because you just couldn’t wait for the season to start…Kind of like the fact that a lot of us laid out our opening day clothes on Saturday. So don’t be bashful. Share your memories in the comments below.

For me, the “retrobilia” I touched and thought fondly about was a Ben Grieve autographed helmet that my nephew gave me; the Mark Ellis bobblehead—it was the LAST one given out that day and I got it; the retro Campy Campenaris jersey (made even more special since I met him at spring training this year); the photo of Mike Gallego and me, taken at FanFest the year he returned—doubt I could smile bigger.

I was surprised when I found a few things that I had forgotten about: The Billy Ball Frisbee; the 1989 Mark McGwire Pepsi Baseball Card; my scorecards—like the ones in the early 1970’s…my kid printing right there in the middle of the annual yearbook! [I actually did pretty well!]

So what’s in your “retrobilia”? Add your comments and let’s walk down memory lane a bit!