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How to watch Oakland A’s vs. Angels Game No. 2, online broadcast only

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Where can you watch the A’s internet streaming? What is the A’s radio station tonight?

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Bay Area A’s fans won’t find Oakland Athletics baseball on their televisions Tuesday night, but they can find Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse through the new in-market internet streaming option online and through the NBC Sports app. The San Francisco Giants are on NBC Sports Bay Area and the San Jose Sharks are on NBC Sports California, pushing the Golden State Warriors to NBC Sports Bay Area Plus and leaving the A’s with no television home for Game No. 2 against the Angels.

The expanded A’s Pregame Live will still be on NBC Sports California at 6:00 p.m., but that will only lead into Sharks Pregame Live at 7:00 p.m. A’s Postgame Live will only be broadcast live online.

On the radio, with the Warriors on 95.7 and the Sharks on 98.5, Tuesday night’s A’s radio broadcast will fly the flag at 102.9 KBLX.

Is this going to happen again this season?

While this television scenario could theoretically repeat itself during the NBA and NHL playoffs if the Giants, Warriors, and Sharks all play at the same time, I would think that the two playoff leagues would do their best to avoid overlapping games in the same market on the same broadcaster.

If it does happen, one possible option is for the Giants to get promoted from NBC Sports Bay Area to broadcast NBC, which is already happening a few times this season. That would mean preempting existing programming, however. For instance, NBC is broadcasting new episodes of The Voice and Trial & Error this Tuesday.

How to watch A’s at Angels Game No. 2