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Random Predictions That Are Probably Wrong

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No one knows what the 2017 season will bring, so what better way to usher it in than to make bold predictions that will look foolish by mid-season? But what if they’re spot on? What if readers look back at this post and say, "Holy guacamole, that dude is a geeee-nius"? That’s the allure of the prognostication, so here goes...

- Ryan Dull and Frankie Montas will emerge as the A’s two best relievers, while Sean Doolittle settles into being "good but not great," as does Liam Hendriks, with some dominant appearances and some in which he inexplicably gives up several hits.

- Ryan Madson will unpleasantly surprise by being one of the A’s least effective relievers and will be pushed back into lower leverage situations as the season progresses.

- Santiago Casilla will be placed on the DL sometime in April, replaced on the roster by Jaff Decker; by mid-season Decker will be getting some starts in CF against RHPs.

- Yonder Alonso’s torrid spring will carry over into the regular season as he enjoys his best career year at the plate (something like .270/.350/.420), while Trevor Plouffe’s Cactus League performance will prove to be an Arizona mirage as he struggles to keep his OBP above .300 against RHPs.

- Healthy foot, better sleep and all, Jed Lowrie will slug under .400 until he is replaced at 2B by Franklin Barreto in June.

- Fans looking forward to 69 more HRs from the duo of Khris Davis and Marcus Semien will be sorely disappointed, as the two combine for a "mere" 51 (e.g., 33 by Davis, 18 by Semien), but Ryon Healy’s power will prove to be real as he hits over 20 in a full season.

- The season will be fun because baseball.

Agree? Disagree? Ready for first pitch?