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Spring Game #34: Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants

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Tonight's game will feature the match-up of Jharel Cotton vs. Jeff Samardzija in one of the A's final tuneup before THE REGULAR SEASON! Coming soon to a TV near you!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Happy happy Friday and welcome to the pre-season Friday night drinking thread. I trust you are all well and that you Californians are enjoying this fabulous Spring weather! I'm baseballgirl and I will be your host for the next three hours, as we turn to Jharel Cotton to keep the Giants at bay, while the A's offense tries to hit, something with which they enjoyed extraordinary success so far this Spring Training, but not much of last night.

Here are your lineups:

For the San Francisco Giants:

Span, CF
Belt, 1B
Pence, RF
Posey, C
Crawford, SS
Parker, LF
Nunez, 3B
Panik, 2B
Samardzija P

For your 2017 Oakland Athletics!

Davis, CF
Joyce, RF
Lowrie, 2B
Davis, DH
Plouffe, 3B
Alonso, 1B
Semien, SS
Canha, LF
Phegley, C