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Grilled Addiction: Try it; you’ll like it!

Grilled Addiction: A Mesa Must!
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Ok, folks. If the new food trucks at the Coliseum this year mirror the Grilled Addiction food truck, we are in business. It will surely limit the tailgates. I’m not usually one to write about food. I usually write about beer. (Not sure exactly what that says about me, but it is what it is.) But, if you’re lucky enough to be at Hohokam on a day when the food trucks are present, look for Grilled Addiction. There are a variety of options, though a bit pricey and worth it.

Grilled lamb chops with tarragon aioli definitely caught my eye, yet I decided on the $12 tri-tip sandwich with the horseradish aioli sauce. Don’t let the “horseradish” scare you off. It adds a bit of kick but doesn’t taste like horseradish of which I am not usually a fan. This marinated meat, grilled to near perfection, seems a bit out of place with our usual ballpark fair yet topped with organic lettuce, tomato and onion is wonderful. What is awesome is that you can add double the meat for $3 (of which they already give you a goodly amount) and split it with a friend to knock off some of the bread carbs.

Thinking of something else? Below is their menu as well as an all natural, 14 all beef hot-dog and other items. If you’ll be in Mesa, give Grilled Addiction a once-over.