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Spring Game Thread #20: A’s vs Padres

MLB: Spring Training-Oakland Athletics at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The team is still hosting games in Arizona for the next couple weeks, but today the A’s launched their "Rooted in Oakland" campaign. While the A’s commercials are always entertaining, this year the team is very overtly choosing to convey a strong link between the team and the city they play in. These commercials are the latest in a series of encouraging sentiments set forth by new team president David Kaval, who has declared that the A’s will be announcing their plans for a new stadium in Oakland by the end of the year.

Today though, the A’s will try to rekindle the offense that has suddenly gone silent after a loud start to the spring against the Padres.

For the A’s: 1- R Davis CF, 2- Plouffe 3B, 3- Joyce DH, 4- K Davis LF, 5- Alonso 1B, 6- Semien SS, 7- Canha RF, 8- Maxwell C, 9- Rosales 2B, SP- Graveman

For the Padres: 1- Sardinas SS, 2- Asuaje 2B 3- Blash RF, 4- Sanchez C, 5- Cordoba LF, 6- Gettys CF, 7- Wallace 1B, 8- Coleman 3B, 9- Perdomo SP

First pitch is at 1:05.