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Spring Training #5: Oakland Athletics at San Diego Padres


Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The A’s take on the Padres today as we get our first spring look this year at Sonny Gray on the hill. In addition, exciting 21 year old Franklin Barreto is not only starting at second base, but hitting in the 2 hole!

San Diego Padres

T Jankowski CF   
C Spangenberg DH       
W Myers 1B   
H Renfroe RF   
A Hedges C   
L Urias 2B   
E Aybar SS   
J Rondon 3B   
N Buss LF

Oakland Athletics

A De Aza CF   
F Barreto 2B   
M Joyce RF   
K Davis LF   
S Vogt DH   
Y Alonso 1B   
M Chapman 3B   
B Maxwell C   
A Rosales SS