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Oakland A’s will now play on ‘Rickey Henderson Field’

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland A’s have made a noticeable effort this winter to reconnect with their past and with their overall East Bay roots. That trend continued on Monday with news that they are renaming the Coliseum field in honor of Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, the best player in franchise history. The name of the stadium is still the Oakland Coliseum, but now the field itself has a (totally awesome) name.

Rickey has also been hired by the team, which seems fair since we so often see him hanging around and helping out anyway. With Rickey’s assistance, I predict that team president Dave Kaval will set a career high in stolen bases this year.

And more from team beat writer Jane Lee:

Three questions for the comments:

  1. What’s your favorite Rickey Henderson memory/moment?
  2. If Rickey offered to come back this season, at age 58, would you take him on the current roster?
  3. What other areas of the Coliseum should they name after players? (Name the turnstiles after Jed Lowrie? Or the parking lot after Khris Davis for all the balls he hits there?)