TheMigs Offseason Plan

TheMigs's Offseason Plan

My goal in this plan is to mainly stay the course we are on, by not giving up any of our major prospects, and also add some pieces that could help us for this next year and potentially for the next couple years. Like most probably will, I focused on additions for the pitching staff and catching, with a couple extras thrown in. All of the free agent prices and trade packages may need a little tweeking, but they are probably not terrible (I hope). My goal was to not go past about $85 million total payroll.

Arbitration Eligible players
  • Khris Davis - $11.1 million

  • Marcus Semien - $3.2 million
  • Kendall Graveman - $2.6 million
  • Blake Treinen - $2.3 million
  • Chris Hatcher - $2.2 million - Non-Tender
  • Liam Hendriks - $1.9 million
  • Josh Phegley - $1.1 million
  • Jake Smolinski - $700k - Non-Tender

This was pretty straight forward. I was fairly happy with what Hatcher did for us after being acquired, but there just isn't a place for him and cutting his 2.2 million helps. There are just better options at this point than Smolinski.

Free Agency

Pitching Staff:

Sign LHP Jason Vargas to a 2 yr./$16 million deal

This guy is a solid pitcher who should give us innings and a stable presence in the middle to back end of the rotation. I don't think we'll be in play for the big boys this winter in starting pitching.

Sign RHP Miles Mikolas to a 3 yr./$12 million deal

This is just a stab at his contract, as I don't really know how much he will get. I left a little room in the budget in case anyone requires a little more. This is one of those guys who seems to have figured it out in Japan. He has really good stuff in my opinion, and is still only going to be 29 next season. A little bit of a wild card, but he has been dominant in Japan, so he could be very good. If he doesn't pan out well we'll still have others to take his place.

Sign LHP Kevin Siegrist to a 2 yr./$10 million deal

We might be able to get him for less than this because of his down year last year, but before that he had been excellent in 3 of the last 4 years. He's a solid lefty who can probably be used in set-up situations, and of the available lefty's, he'll probably be the cheapest, youngest option who has a pretty good track record.

Sign RHP Brandon Kintzler to a 3 yr./$24 million deal

Again, the price might need tweaking, but I really like this guy. I'm ok with letting Treinen be the closer to start the year, if this guy doesn't, but if Treinen falters, we need someone to step in and be the closer. This guy's track record is good, and I think he'll be available for set-up man money, unlike other available closers out there.

Position Players:

Sign OF Austin Jackson to a 1 yr./$5 million deal

This is another guy that I left a little space for in case he requires more money. I'm using this as my right handed outfielder addition, and will let them mix and match in the outfield, along with Fowler, Powell, Joyce and Pinder. Jackson isn't a guy who will start every day, allowing the young guys to still play, but if there's an injury you could probably get by with him starting for a bit.

Trade Proposals - Shake it up a little more

Trade Ryon Healy and Marcus Semien to COL for Trevor Story and Yency Almonte (#10 Prospect)

We may have to change the prospect from them or add a throw in guy on our side. This was my way of trading Ryon Healy (which I think should be done) and getting a better shortstop. I'm not sold yet on any of our prospects as a guy who will stick at short, so I upgraded to a guy who, even on a down year, can still do what Semien does offensively, with the potential for MUCH more. He's also a good defender at shortstop, so he further improves our improving defense. Semien will give Colorado a shortstop with offensive upside until Brendan Rodgers, who I think they see as the shortstop of the future, is ready.

Trade Jharel Cotton, Joey Wendle, and PTBNL to LAD for Yasmani Grandal and Caleb Ferguson (#21 Prospect)

This helps use some of our pitching and middle infield depth (clearing room in AAA) to get the catcher we need, who has good offense and defense abilities. We also get a nice pitching prospect with good numbers and a good build. Cotton gives them more pitching depth and a guy they are familiar with, and Wendle could potentially replace Chase Utley's role. PTBNL might have to be a decent prospect, but that's ok.


With these moves I have filled all the holes I thought we had plus added a couple nice pieces that will make us better, while still letting the young guys play. I believe these moves left us at around $83 million for payroll, give or take, which will leave us a little wiggle room if need be. With those moves here is the roster.

C - Grandal; 1B - Olson; 2B - Lowrie; SS - Story; 3B - Chapman; LF - Joyce; CF Powell; RF - Fowler; DH - Davis; Bench: Pinder, Jackson, Nunez, Phegley;

Starting Rotation: Manaea, Graveman, Vargas, Mikolas, Mengden/Blackburn

Bullpen: Treinen, Kintzler, Siegrist, Hendricks, Dull, Alcantara/Hahn, Coulombe

FYI, this was my first time doing this and it was great. Thanks for putting this on.