kiwislovetheA's Offseason Plan #3

Ok so 3rd times the charm!!!!!!!! I would tender everyone apart from Hatcher, basically he sucks so I don’t think there would be much of a market for him in a trade scenario even as a 6-7th innings set up guy. Now I know you all look at Phegley and Smolinski and go WTF but I believe there is a market for cheap back up CF and Catchers so I would extend them with the aim to trade them

  • Marcus Semien - $3.2 million

  • Kendall Graveman - $2.6 million

  • Blake Treinen - $2.3 million

  • Liam Hendriks - $1.9 million

  • Josh Phegley - $1.1 million

  • Jake Smolinski - $700k

Additionally I think when we are planning these trades it’s not just about next year, I feel its important to consider what the FO is wanting/their player profile that they are going for are high ceiling guys even if there are risks attached i.e. just back from surgery. With the main team aims, to build the farm & open the contention window wide with the ideal to get prospects which will be available to coincide with the new stadium.

With the aim of getting high ceiling guys & strengthening our farm – with a focus on pitching because positionally for a while we are good for the most part it seems, and you can never have too much pitching

So with that in mind lets embark on the crazy unrealistic world of kiwislovetheA’s trade scenario’s version 3!!!!!

So the main area of concern (and I think we can all agree on this) is the pitching with both the rotation and the pen (especially the pen) needing quite a bit of work….. Whereas both the infield and outfield just requires some tinkering

So lets go over what we have got with what I consider are they guys pencilled in for opening day starting pitching based on end of season/pre injury form:

Manaea, Graveman and either Mengden or Blackburn as the 5th guy in the rotation

I wouldn’t trust filling out both fourth or 5th spot with both Blackburn & Mengden. So by this we need a FOTR starter and a 3rd /4th starter. And let Blackburn & Mengden fight it out over spring training.

The pen needs a lot of work and these are the guys I think the A’s will look to build around


Long relievers: Bassitt, Alcantra

Reliever 6-7th innings: Righties: Ryan Dull, Montas, Hendricks Wahl

Lefties: Coulombe

8th inning/Closer: Trienan

The outfield: I think the FO will want to give Pinder every opportunity to prove himself so will give him every opportunity to play right field – The main question is do we trade Joyce for a prospect(s) (I say yes as part of a trade) and then pick up a free agent/through the trade or via waivers or wait and trade him in July – I say trade him now and put that money towards Piscotty who wants to return to the bay to be by his sick mum… sounds horrible I know but could probably be picked up at a discount….And my 2 years at $10 sadly reflects that. Hopefully the giants will go all in on Stanton, and wont have the money/interest in Piscotty to lure him away….

So these are my outfield locks

Outfield: Powell, Fowler, Pinder

Infield is easy as far as locks go with Olsen, Semien and Chapman.

Now it seems FO really would prefer him becoming the everyday SS – with Fowler as the CF. Which from what I can see essentially we need to make a choice between either Barreto or Semien. As I’m a Semien fan, I would go for trading Barreto. So that’s what I am going to do…..

With the Utility job going to: Munoz

We have no catcher…. (sob…..)

Free agent signings:

Catcher: Would love Grandal but I imagine teams like the Nats would be a lot more attractive so I would be happy with an Avila 2 years/15 million to mentor /hold down the position until Murphy is ready in 2019.

Wade Miley 2 years/10 million – Terrible year, and it sounds like the Orioles will probably release him. However personally I blame Camden yards where Billy Burns could be a 40+ homer guy and Welington Castillo on his terrible numbers. As for all the great metrics for Wellington last year, he seemed to be poison for all the Orioles pitchers -All their numbers were mud- So I think the issue was his pitch calling. I am basing this on absolutely nothing…. other than if it was just Miley then fair enough…. but as they all struggled…..

McGee – I’ve loved the idea of getting him as soon as I saw he was a free agent – could well be a proper stud for us if he can stay healthy and a possible option for closing – he’s over his injuries and would hope to get this done for 3 years/15-20 million.

Hyun—Jin Ryu: Ryu’s contract is approximately it is 10 million a year which I think has 2 years left – He is surplus to the Dodgers and we should see how much the Dodgers are willing to eat (max we pay up to 5-6 million) to get him off their books for the remainder of the contract to help with their payroll/luxury tax – As he’s recovering from surgery, to start him in the bull pen & then see

Piscotty 2 years/10 million

Trade 1: The Mets, Pirates and the Orioles are looking for cheap outfield options. So I propose a trade of Smolinski to the Pirates as part of a package with Healy? As I saw on mlbtraderumours it had a link to the pirates blog page where they discussed the potential of trading for Healy specifically for 3rd base. Now admittedly he decided he would be a poor fit for them. However in the article it said that a package of Felipe Rivero plus a decent prospect would get it done which means it probably is being discussed and will use this as a base value.

With this in mind I propose a trade of Healy, Joyce, Hendriks for Rivero, Shane Baz, Nick Kingham, & Calvin Mitchell.

Rationale: The pirates full most of their needs, and with the players we’re giving them improves their team allowing them to at least be in the picture in their division and keep their contention window open for a little bit longer, plus they get to hold onto their top 2 prospects.

We get a good left handed reliever, 2 potential frontline starters, a mid rotation starter and a high ceiling prospect

Trade 2: The Orioles. They apparently are going to re-tool and try and compete Apparently, their needs are reduce salary to be able to compete when Manny becomes a free agent, a centre fielder to spell Jones, a number 2/3 catcher in case Sisco doesn’t work out/needs more time in the minors, back of the rotation pitchers and bull pen set up help. So we trade Smolinski, Hahn (a good home town boy), Phegley, Blackburn or Mengden and Ramirez.

In return we get Tanner Scott, & Olfelky Paralta & as a sweetner Alex Murphy

Rationale: in my mind’s eye it works because it allows them then a chance to fill their current needs with 5 cheap viable salary controlled options of MLB quality (Thus giving them the opportunity to create a lot more cap space when the craziness of next year’s free agency rolls around with Manny.

In return they give up their number 6 & 26 prospects (and whatever Robocop’s ranking is now….) in an average farm system at best- so I think that’s not completely outlandish.

We get a left handed fireballer (ready for our pen if required) now, and 2 prospects

Trade 3: We trade Khris Davis, Baretto, Gossett, Brugman & Andrew Triggs to the Cardinals for Alex Reyes, Dakota Hudson, Sandy Alcantara, Junior Fernandez & Johan Oviedo.

Rational: We get a controllable front of the rotation (albeit recent TJS surgery guy FOTR guy, & guy ready for the pen and 3 promising high ceiling prospects).

In return, the cards fill pretty much all/most for their needs get a 40+ homer power middle of the line-up bat who can play left field and fill the outfield hole, our number 1 prospect a young power infield bat to partner Paul DeJong. A cheap MLB serviceable back of the rotation starter, outfielder and a useful set up guy.

Trade 4: Neuse, Deichmann & Montas to the Yankees for Betances (to be honest had no idea what a Betances deal would cost… this seems about right to me though, given how reportedly unhappy at the yankees). They need and get a long term 3rd base option, unless Didi works out for them there, a promising outfield option and it wasn’t that long Montas was a top 50 prospect. We get a potential stud/closer, enough said….

Trade 5: The Mets, ok I realise this might be overly optimistic but I really think we could make this happen without giving up to much – hence I shall raise it again!!!!

The Mets know that if they are to take advantage of their starting rotation they need to go all in and try to win now. More importantly their FO and new manager will know that and be under pressure to do so. So their main needs are an infielder, outfielder, some power, back of the rotation workhorses, and some bull pen help and someone to take over from David Wright at 3rd.

So we trade Holmes, Ryan Dull, Wendle & Canha for Harvey, Zach Wheeler & Wuilmer Becerra

Rationle: Fills a lot of what the Mets need and more importantly it gives them an excuse/gives them something to get rid of the poison that Harvey seems to be around the Mets, who is a free agent next year, then they’ll get nothing….

At the very least Harvey needs a change of scenery and the chance to get out of the pressures of New York (where he will be number 3 or 4 at best).

As for Wheeler he can’t stay on the field for them, so they might just be happy to move him on. They also get payroll flexibility with serviceable MLB level players which fill their current needs with contract controls. All of which are important if they want to compete next year.

In Harvey we get a potential Verlander type of horse, who could be the head of our rotation who is cheap at around 5 million for next year. Harvey will be on best behaviour, looking to make a real point that he can still be the head of the rotation guy, as he looks to rebuild his career before free agency. For mind, he has shown real glimpses of his stuff the last couple of years, but I think he’s angry at the Mets and its affecting his performances.

Wheeler, has the potential to be a nasty beast, I would start him in the pen and then back to the rotation – However if he shows any signs can’t handle the rigours of the rotation – he can go into the bull pen where I feel confident he could be a stud (even a potential closer). Becerra is a high ceiling lottery ticket.

So my team which I think comes in around 70mil is:

Outfield: Piscotty Powell, Fowler, Pinder

Olsen, Semien, Lowrie and Chapman (until July when Lawrie gets traded, then Seimen comes over to 2nd and Mateo into Shortstop)

Starting pitching:





Blackburn or Mengden (whomever wasn’t traded to the Orioles)

Bull Pen (7 from) :

Right: Bassett, Alcantara, Wheeler, Trienan, Hudson, Wahl, Betances

Left: Ryu, Rivero, Coulombe, McGee, Tanner Scott

DH: Ninez (occasionally spelling at 1st when Olsen needs a rest)