Pro4pro32's A's 2018 offseason plan

Guys, 2018 isn't our priority, Billy Beane wouldn't trade Gray, Doolittle and Madson to get Treinen and prospects. I don't see the A's going all in, they should try to be calm and patient with their youth. I have projeted that if the A's did absolutely nothing in the offseason their payroll at the end of 2018 should be somewhere around 60mln counting draft bonuses and all the arbitrations. With the loss of the revenue sharing I'll give myself a limit of making it 70mln. It's not a lot and the A's would like to have more than 10mln to spend. That is why I would try to do these things during the offseason :

Trade Khris Davis to the Yankees for Giovanny Gallegos and Billy McKinnley

I know most fans think the A's should trade Healy and keep Davis, but I don't think so. We need that money that we could save. Plus we might get something interesting back. Khrush has hit 40 HR 2 years in a row while playing in a pitching friendly stadium. Who knows how scary can he be in Yankee Stadium? The team doesn't want to spend a lot, but they would have a chance to replace Matt Holiday at DH with a great hitter. They would want to win the AL EAST in 2018 and adding a bat like that would help. Gallegos might not be given a chance he deserves with the Yankees while their bullpen is considered one of the best. The said could be said about their outfield. Why not take back our old friend? He could be a regular left fielder and replace Khris Davis.

Trade Blake Treinen to the Dodgers for Brock Stewart and Trevor Oaks

I've already explained why this deal would make sence for both teams in one of my previous posts. The Dodgers don't really want to spend more than they do, so this is a creative way to acquire a really good reliever. This year they had to rely on Morrow and Jansen too much.

So, now we have an extra 13mln to spend on free agents. I assume the worst case scenario. Let's say Bruce Maxwell has to be released, give Sean Murphy 2 years in the minors and do this :

Sign Alex Avila for 2yrs and 18mln

This could be a good bat to have, a true OBP guy and a good veteran in the clubhouse to have. I think Garneau could start the year as the second catcher and hope he becomes at least acceptable vs LHP.

Extend Matt Chapman 6yrs 40mln plus 2 club options for 8mln

In my opinion he is the true face of the new A's team. Glove seems to be always there and Matt will be a valuable guy even if he struggles offensively. But I believe that Chapman could be a top 20 WAR player in the MLB so locking him up would be a good start. For Chapman it will be a guaranteed contract that will make sure that a potential career ending career will not leave him with almost nothing. A deal like that could make Chapman play as a home player in our new stadium. Let's say he would get 5 mln in 2018 and get some raises later on.

Sign Jake McGee 3yrs 27mln

After trading Treinen he would be our closer plus we would have a more balanced bullpen with 2 lefties. Jake is from North California, so I think he would like to join a Bay Area team. I'd think he could dominate with us just like he did in Tampa.

So, we have reached 70mln!! I though about creative ways to improve our team. I added to the pitching depth, Brock Stewart and Giovanny Gallegos could be very good pitchers for years to come. I think we don't need to add to the bullpen, let's create some competition. Maybe Andrew Triggs, Chris Bassitt or Jake Sanchez could contribute as relievers. I think with what I have done the A's are prepared for injuries, last year our situation wasn't good without Graveman. And we kept Joyce and Lowrie in my plan, both could be traded if youngsters prove they deserve an empty spot or if the A's fall out of contention in July. Hopefully 2018 will be different. Can't wait to see what the A's do during the offseason!! What do you guys think about this plan? Is it lacking Stanton?