jolly_green_giant's Offseason Plan

Here is the direction I hope the A's go this offseason.

Arbitration Eligible players (using MLBTR's arbitration estimates)
Hatcher I just don't trust him over other relievers who we could give a chance to that could be cheaper.
Phegley Not worth the money to be filler/replacement level at this point.
Smolinski Reminds me of Austin Jackson, a RHH COF which he has done in the past and he has an option. Lets see if a full offseason of rest puts him back on track.

Free Agency

This is where I want the A's to be active, they have money to spend and will hopefully do so.

Alex Avila 2 years 16 million

The a's really need a catcher and he's a solid bridge until Murphy is ready in my book plus he's the long side of the platoon and I feel like Garneau can be fine as the other half of the platoon for now.

Jake Mcgee 3 years 24 million

Yes I know its a bit of an overpay but to me he replaces Doolittle and if he ends up closing I would have the confidence in him to do so on any given night

Addison Reed 3 years 27 million

Again maybe even too much money but that's fine as he is another person whom I would be comfortable handing the 9th innning job to on any night. Also I like/want Reed because he doesn't walk many batter which is super helpful.

The Healy situation

I think the A's end up just holding onto Healy, I would option him down to AAA to have him work on his plate discipline (also to make room on the roster to give a chance to Nunez who will be out of options). I like Wendle but I don't see him clearing waivers but if you can trade him for something then do it lol, in my book he and phegley are both just meh filler at this point. I hope Wendle becomes 2nd baseman for somewhere else but who knows at this point.

Starting Rotation

1. Graveman

2. Manaea

3. Triggs (coming off injury I want to see what he can do, I think if he stays healthy he's legit)

4. Blackburn (gives you a chance most nights and a local guy who had success before being hit by a line drive)

5. Mengden/Cotton/Hahn whoever wins this out of ST no idea which one and I'm fine with any of them

Gossett and whoever doesn't win for the 5 spot in AAA for depth


CL Reed

SU Mcgee

SU Treinen

SU Hendriks

MR Casilla

MR Dull

LOOGY Coulombe

LR Alcantara

I'm quite alright with this bullpen and at the first sign of trouble the gascan Casilla would be DFA'd to make room for any other reliever we can try oh my goodness do I want him gone lol.



CF Fowler

RF Joyce

2B Lowrie

DH Davis

1B Olson

C Avila

SS Semien

3B Chapman

LF Powell

Bench Pinder, Nunez, Garneau


SS Semien

CF Fowler

2B Lowrie

LF Davis

1B Olson

3B Chapman

DH Nunez

RF Pinder

C Garneau

Bench Joyce, Avila, Powell

I'm quite pleased with this team, the budget is under 80 million and I like the look of the roster. If Nunez doesn't hit you let him go and call Healy back up. If the SP struggle then call upon the depth, we have so much we need to see who can cut it at the show and who cannot. I liked Hahn but I have no idea if he can ever get back to where he was, if he's got any trade value I would just trade him.