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Quiz: Can you name the 2017 Oakland A’s?

Take the quiz and try to name all 54 players!

You’ve got two free answers pictured above.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Can you name everyone who played for the A's this year?

Sounds simple, right? Just try to name everyone who played in at least one game for the A's this year. All you need to do is enter last names. I included a couple of commonly used nicknames as acceptable answers for a couple of players.

I'll be posting these on Sporcle once per day, Monday through Friday. I'll be going in order of record from worst to best, and if necessary, I'll wait for teams to get eliminated in the event that anyone pulls a Mark Kiger and makes his debut in the postseason. Check back each day to see the updated list here!

If you want to play last year's roster quizzes, you can do that too.

Personally, I'd recommend trying to guess by jersey number or position, rather than just randomly throwing names out there. That's a good strategy for any Sporcle quiz.

When discussing answers in the comments section, please remember to use the “Spoiler” tool to black out key words. It’s the little black square in between the box where you wrote the subject line of your comment, and the bigger box in which you wrote the comment itself. Thanks!