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You can now live stream the Oakland A's game on your computer!

Pictured: You, at work, watching the A’s game
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Big news!

This is a major step toward MLB joining the 21st century in terms of presenting its product. Until this point, you've only been able to stream the A’s game online through the package, and only if you're outside of the “local market” area (or have a VPN to mask your location). Now, if you live in A’s TV territory and are a cable subscriber, meaning that you paid your fair share to watch A's games already, you can stream them on the computer wherever you are.

Basically what I'm saying is you can watch weekday afternoon games at work now.

Of course, you still can’t get A’s games in-market through the package, but, at least there’s one option now.

One note: This news only applies to CSN broadcasts. Here’s a question for the comments: When the game is on a national broadcast (like ESPN), can you get the live stream in-market? Or does it black you out? I’ve never actually tried so I’m not sure. If the answer is that you can already stream those nationally broadcast games, then we’ll be able to say that you can get all 162 A’s games on your computer if that’s how you prefer to consume your media. Answer: The national broadcasts (ESPN, etc.) are usually blacked out in-market, and I don’t see any reason why this news will change that fact. So, this doesn’t mean 162 A’s games on your computer, but CSN usually does around 144 or so.