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Game #140: Mengden Rebounds, But A's Still Eliminated in Loss

Not that an 1-7 record is something to highlight on your resume this season, but today's loss was certainly a lot better than last week's loss, so there's a tiny win for Daniel Mengden. Except it's still a loss. Oh, and also, it officially ended the season for the Oakland Athletics.

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Happy Friday to you! Judging from the comment section, many of you did not have the opportunity to see tonight's game, which was unfortunate, because it was a thriller. Okay, I may have used "thriller" liberally here, but you know. There was a curveball strikeout that was neat, and Khris Davis misplaying a ball that was fun--oh and also when he struck out and lost his hat, the bat, and almost his head--and there was an exciting non-ground-rule-double that scored a run, and there was an exciting single, two Seattle home runs, and Ray mispronouncing "Wendle". Did I miss anything? You'll never know, haha!

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Tonight's game probably was very exciting to Seattle fans, and would have been even more exciting had they not blown a few recent games that will, in all likelihood, keep them from the post-season. They barely had a chance before, and it's a slim, absolutely-everything-going-right chance as of now. I still would trade lunchboxes with them.

But hey, Daniel Mengden made it through the fifth inning, and likely would have pitched more if he hadn't thrown 100 pitches already through five. Still, he allowed just five hits, and two runs, and he's got to feel much, much better leaving the mound after today's start. His ERA has dropped too; it's a non-cursed number of 6.39. All good things. All good things.

Doolittle and Axford were perfect in their innings in this one, but Coulombe allowed the home run that would be the difference in the game. Muncy, Maxwell and Wendle made three of the A's seven hits count as they parlayed the hits into a single run in the fifth, and a Muncy walk and a Maxwell double (not a game-tying home run, but not a ground-rule double, either) brought in the A's second, and final, run in the seventh.

And that was it.

So. Where's football? OH YOU KNOW YOU'RE WATCHING!

See everyone Friday night. Congratulations for making it through another A's season, and here's to hoping for 2017.