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Oakland A's starting pitcher injury updates

I tried to fit all their names in the headline, but I'm no superhero.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A bunch of news on some of A's starting pitchers. There are so, so many.

Henderson Alvarez

As announced by SF Chronicle beat writer Susan Slusser, Henderson Alvarez will not pitch in September, meaning he'll have gone the whole year without throwing a single pitch for the Oakland A's. Alvarez's surgically repaired right shoulder is still giving him problems and he's scheduled to meet with the famed Dr. James Andrews again, as the source of his issues are still unknown. It's bad.

Alvarez is a serious candidate to be non-tendered this offseason. The A's will face a difficult roster crunch this offseason and starting in November, will be unable to hide injured players on the 60-day DL. With the Rule 5 draft looming later on in the offseason, the A's will likely have to make concessions to intriguing players.

Plus, shoulder surgery is a big deal. Can't feel anything but terrible for Alvarez, who is staring missing a third consecutive year due to injury right in the face.

Andrew Triggs

The A's surprisingly good sidearmer is likely out this year too, per Bob Melvin.

As detailed before, Triggs is above any inning high he's hit before, so an optimist would think of this as a blessing in disguise. The A's can now protect his arm, and back injuries are better than arm injuries.

Be well Andrew, my shining light.

Sonny Gray

Fitting right in with the theme of this year sucks, Gray is unlikely to pitch again as well. It's officially a lost year for Gray, but hopefully not rushing back in September will help him heal up into an ace for next year.

Sean Manaea

Hey, good news! Manaea is likely to be back this month,

Melvin mentions a six man rotation as a possibility when Manaea does return which would ostensibly be used to reduce the load on the young arms of Manaea, Mengden, Alcantara, and Cotton. It's not clear how exactly that rotation will look, but it'll look a whole lot better if Manaea does indeed return.