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Game #160: A's Rack Up Two Hits, Lose

So Fridays have been fun, right? Tonight especially. I mean, the A's had two hits, but one was a home run by Ryon Healy. That's a run, right? Also, the A's had five walks. That's something else, right?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

So the A's had two hits tonight. Two. Which, coincidentally, is the number of innings that Raul Alcantara pitched before being pulled from this game. Seven hits and five earned runs later, to be exact. The A's were also issued five walks, which, coincidentally is the number of innings that relief pitcher Zach Neal pitched. And unlike his predecessor, he was perfect. No, perfect. He pitched five perfect innings. But of course, since the game started out 5-0 before the third, and the A's had two hits, things weren't promising. Marcus Semien hit a double in the second and Ryon Healy homered in the sixth. Aside from the walks, that was the extent of the scoring. And the offense. And everything else in this last weekend of the baseball season.

In other news, the A's have released the 2017 Spring Training schedule.

Who's going?

In all seriousness, I want to thank you all for hanging in there with us during an admittedly long and bad season of baseball. Here's to an exciting postseason and we can hope for better things in 2017. I hope everyone has a wonderful off-season.


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