The Complete Case for Ender Inciarte

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

So we’ve heard from BWH and kyrbyr about who they think we should target as a CF (Kevin Kiermaier, and A.J. Pollock). There has been several other names thrown around on AN, one stood out to me in particular. Ender Inciarte.

Ender Inciarte, is what I believe we all hoped Billy Burns would have been. Except way better at defense. So far in his 3 years in the big leagues Inciarte has put up these lines

2014: .278/ .318/ .359/ .677 OPS/ 87 wRC+

2015: .303/ .338/ .408/ .747 OPS/ 100 wRC+

2016: .287/ .349/ .380/ .729 OPS/ 96 wRC+

His OBP is rising (lets hope it continues to do so), he also doesn't strike out much (11-12ish% all 3 seasons), and all 3 seasons he’s been hovering around 3.0 fWAR. Now he's not KK or Pollock. But he's only 25 years old, has 4 years of control left, and bats left handed (you hear that BWH?). Most of his value comes from defense, which is something we are looking for especially in CF where we have had a declining Coco and Billy Burns the last 2 seasons.

So yes, he’s lacking Pollock’s power, and he may not be as good as Kiermaier on defense, but he should be cheaper in terms of prospects, and likely his contract in regards to arbitration.

Atlanta was looking at McCann for catching, well we have a guy named Stephen Vogt, and he was an ALL-STAR 2 YEARS IN A ROW. As much as I love him, and the fact that in the offseason he goes to the same gym as me makes it hard for me to want to trade him, because I would love to befriend him and become BFF’s with all the players on the A’s.. but a trade consisting of Vogt who is getting old (32), Holmes who many of us feel may be the "nottingham of 2016", and Fillmyer has been mentioned by a couple of ANers.. and if that is what it would take to get Inciarte that would be much better than trading away Barreto.

Not only would this package save us Barreto, it would end up putting Bruce Maxwell as the LHH side of the catching platoon, allowing us to see if he is for real and continuing the youth movement.

Now I haven't spent much time looking into the Braves needs, but hopefully these pieces will fulfill some of what they are looking for.

So what we are looking at would be average offensive production and really good defensive production for a moderate price would, which would definitely benefit the fuck out of this team next season.

My rambling may not have been a great argument, but this should convince you..

Kiermaier bWAR

2014: 3.6

2015: 7.3

2016: 3.3

Inciarte bWAR

2014: 3.7

2015: 5.3

2016: 3.4

According to baseball reference Inciarte seems to be pretty similar to Kiermaier in regards to bWAR and could potentially cost less prospect/trade wise.

I honestly think this is the right way to go.. there is also a great article on Inciarte on the Braves SB nation site Talking Chop (here).. BUT WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?