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Henderson Alvarez to undergo a second shoulder surgery

The righty's career has been derailed by injury, and this latest setback makes it unlikely he'll ever pitch in the green and gold.

Right handed pitcher Henderson Alvarez is set to undergo a second shoulder surgery per club beat reporter Jane Lee.

Alvarez has gone the entire 2016 season without throwing a big league pitch. The lingering shoulder problem which caused Alvarez to miss the entire 2015 season is unresolved, and it's unclear how long this next operation will keep him sidelined.

That uncertainty makes it unlikely Alvarez will survive the upcoming 40-man roster crunch, though he could always find his way back to the A's as a free agent signing. That's all pending the results of the operation, and Alvarez becoming a full time reliever is certainly an option as well.

Thus closes the book on Alvarez's 2016. Results wise, it was nothing short of a failure and it's a sad story from every perspective. But even though it didn't work out, it's a fine signing. Yes, the A's have a low payroll and yes, it's unfortunate that the money went to waste, but the signing isn't all that different from the Rich Hill's or Scott Kazmir's of the world from a process perspective. The A's will continue to make moves like this and sometimes, they won't work.

Best of luck to Henderson Alvarez.