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A’s Final 2016 Minor League Hitting & Pitching Leaders

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, the A’s Triple-A affiliate Nashville Sounds dropped a dramatic heartbreaker by a score of 10-9 in Game #5 of their PCL playoff series to end their season on Sunday. But shortstop Franklin Barreto had a big game, homering, tripling, doubling, walking and driving in a pair of runs, while Renato Nunez hit his third home run of the series and Matt Olson homered as well in the loss.

After winning their playoff series, the A’s Double-A affiliate Midland RockHounds will continue their quest for a third straight Texas League Championship when they take on Northwest Arkansas in the Texas League Championship Series on Tuesday.

In the meantime, with the regular season now complete for all the A’s affiliates, I wanted to offer a quick look at the A’s minor league stat leaders this season. Matt Chapman topped many categories and, despite his call-up, Ryon Healy still ended up leading a few. You can stay up to date on the A’s top prospects and all the daily action as Midland continues its Texas League title defense on my Athletics Farm site and you can check out this year’s minor league stat leaders right here on Athletics Nation

Includes Nashville Sounds (AAA), Midland RockHounds (AA), Stockton Ports (A), Beloit Snappers (A), Vermont Lake Monsters (A), AZL A’s (Rk)


157 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)

155 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

144 Joe Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid)

138 Tyler Marincov OF (Mid-Sto)

137 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)


35 Trent Gilbert 2B (Bel)

34 Matt Olson OF-1B (Nas)

33 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

32 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)

31 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

31 Joey Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid) / James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)


9 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Sto)

9 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

7 Trace Loehr SS-3B (Bel)

7 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

6 Rob Bennie OF (AZL-VT) / Arismendy Alcantara OF-SS-2B (Nas-Sto)


36 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

23 Renato Nunez 3B (Nas)

22 Chris Iriart 1B (Bel-Sto)

21 Sandber Pimentel 1B (Sto)

19 Tyler Marincov OF (Mid-Sto)


267 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

238 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

227 Tyler Marincov OF (Mid-Sto)

222 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

217 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)


96 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

88 Tyler Marincov OF (Mid-Sto)

87 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

76 Joe Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid)

75 Renato Nunez 3B (Nas)


92 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

89 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)

83 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

81 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

80 Tyler Marincov OF (Mid-Sto)


74 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)

71 Matt Olson OF-1B (Nas)

68 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

65 Seth Brown OF (Sto)

61 Ryan Howell 1B-3B (Bel)


173 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

168 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Sto)

145 Sandber Pimentel 1B (Sto)

140 Viosergy Rosa 1B (Mid)

134 Joe Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid)


30 Franklin Barreto SS-2B (Mid-Nas)

28 Cole Gruber OF (AZL)

23 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)

20 Justin Higley OF (Bel-Sto)

18 J.P. Sportman OF (Mid)


29 Chad Pinder SS (Nas)

25 Jose Brizuela 3B (Sto)

22 Renato Nunez 3B (Nas)

21 Trace Loehr SS-3B (Bel)

19 Yairo Munoz SS-2B-3B (Mid)

19 Franklin Barreto SS-2B (Mid-Nas) / Joe Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid)

--BATTING AVERAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.326 Ryon Healy 1B-3B (Nas-Mid)

.297 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)

.287 B.J. Boyd OF (Sto-Nas)

.285 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

.284 Franklin Barreto SS-2B (Mid-Nas)

--ON-BASE PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.383 Beau Taylor C (Mid)

.382 Ryon Healy 1B-3B (Nas-Mid)

.370 James Harris OF (Sto-Mid)

.363 Melvin Mercedes 3B-OF-2B-SS (Sto)

.361 Joe Bennie 2B-OF (Sto-Mid)

--SLUGGING PERCENTAGE-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.558 Ryon Healy 1B-3B (Nas-Mid)

.519 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

.503 Chris Iriart 1B (Bel-Sto)

.452 Joey Wendle 2B (Nas)

.446 Jose Brizuela 3B (Sto)

--ON-BASE + SLUGGING-- (minimum 300 at-bats)

.940 Ryon Healy 1B-3B (Nas)

.847 Matt Chapman 3B (Mid-Nas)

.843 Chris Iriart 1B (Bel-Sto)

.785 Jaycob Brugman OF (Nas-Mid)

.784 Jose Brizuela 3B (Sto)


156 2/3 James Naile RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid-Nas)

153 2/3 Daniel Gossett RHP (Sto-Mid-Nas)

153 1/3 Boomer Biegalski RHP (Bel)

153 Kyle Friedrichs RHP (Sto-Bel)

150 Evan Manarino LHP (Bel-Sto)


151 Daniel Gossett RHP (Sto-Mid-Nas)

125 James Naile RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid-Nas)

121 Chris Smith RHP (Nas)

121 Evan Manarino LHP (Bel-Sto)

119 Kyle Friedrichs RHP (Sto-Bel)


13 Dillon Overton LHP (Nas)

10 Daniel Mengden RHP (Nas-Mid)

10 Evan Manarino LHP (Bel-Sto) / Daniel Gossett RHP (Sto-Mid-Nas)

9 Aaron Kurcz RHP (Nas-Mid) / Ben Bracewell RHP (Mid-Sto)

9 Raul Alcantara RHP (Mid-Nas) / Joel Seddon RHP (Mid)

9 Chris Jensen RHP (Mid-Nas) / James Naile RHP (Bel-Sto-Mid-Nas)


14 Bobby Wahl RHP (Mid-Nas)

8 Tucker Healy RHP (Nas)

8 Jake Sanchez RHP (Mid)

7 Patrick Schuster LHP (Nas) / Carlos Navas RHP (Sto-Nas)

7 Jared Lyons LHP (Bel-Sto) / Kyle Finnegan RHP (Mid-Sto)

--EARNED RUN AVERAGE-- (minimum 90 innings)

1.46 Daniel Mengden RHP (Nas-Mid)

1.98 Evan Manarino LHP (Bel-Sto)

2.15 Corey Walter RHP (Mid)

2.57 Dustin Hurlbutt RHP (Bel)

2.68 Angel Duno RHP (Bel)

--WALKS + HITS PER INNING PITCHED-- (minimum 90 innings)

1.00 Daniel Mengden RHP (Nas-Mid)

1.06 Corey Walter RHP (Mid)

1.08 Daniel Gossett RHP (Sto-Mid-Nas)

1.09 Evan Manarino LHP (Bel-Sto)

1.09 Kyle Friedrichs RHP (Sto-Bel)

Visit Athletics Farm for updates on the A’s minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.