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Game #109: Cubs hit balls Over wall, hit them a Ton, beat A's 7-2

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

BBG is driving back from the Dodgers/Red Sox game. She'll have the full recap shortly! Click here to revisit the Game Thread. -Alex

BREAKING NEWS! The last-place Oakland A's lost to the first-place Cubs. The score was 7-2. Rookie starter Dillon Overton and his high-80s fastball got crushed yet again, and he's now allowed 11 homers in 21⅓ innings. I don't really know what to say about Overton at the moment -- watching him pitch in MLB is kind of a bummer so far, because he's been so completely overmatched. He's been so bad that it's making this kitten cry.

On the bright side, new acquisition Brett Eibner homered in his A's debut, so that's neat. Andrew Triggs and Daniel Coulombe combined for five scoreless innings of relief, allowing just one hit between them with seven strikeouts. Bruce Maxwell doubled. These are all good things, but unfortunately there weren't enough of them to add a win to the list.

Sonny pitches tomorrow. I can remember a time when that used to be a good thing, which made us excited. Sigh.

* * *

baseballgirl here: I would like to say that the Dodgers game was much more exciting than the A's, and David Ortiz homered in a pinch-hitting role to untie the game in the fourteenth or something, but alas, the 9-0 game I watched went about as well as Dillon Overton's start today.

Let me set the stage for you:

It's the first inning. Overton runs the count full to Dexter Fowler. He hits a home run. That wasn't a good start. But it gets worse. An out. A single. An out. A single. And then another home run. The A's are behind the equivalent of a grand slam before they ever have a chance to swing a bat. He only allows two singles in the second inning, so onto the third! A double and a hit-by-pitch (hi Addison Russell!) set the table for the Cubs, and a single and a double quickly made it 7-0. Bye Dillon!

The A's scored in the sixth on the Eibner homer referenced above, and another on a Semien single.

That's literally the ballgame in a nutshell. The bullpen was incredible, unhittable, even, but sadly, the barn door was already open and the horses were already galloping down the street.

Sonny Gray goes tomorrow. We'll see you right here with all the action.