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Jed Lowrie’s toe injury casts playing time pall, bunion to blame

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The unenviable and Pulitzer-worthy task of reporting firsthand knowledge of exactly what Jed Lowrie’s bunion looks like has fallen to San Francisco Chronicle A’s beat writer Susan Slusser on Thursday:

The bunion, Slusser wrote on Wednesday, has been "extremely painful" and will require orthotics in "hope that alleviates the discomfort." Lowrie had Sunday’s game off and Monday’s off day to rest, but he still remains a candidate for the disabled list, Slusser wrote on Tuesday. He is not in the lineup for Thursday’s finale in Anaheim.

If Lowrie does remain out, Max Muncy and Tyler Ladendorf are backing up at second base. The A’s could also bring back Arismendy Alcantara if Lowrie goes on the disabled list.

A few more injury updates: