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Some minor Oakland Athletics news and notes

A few non-Coco things involving the A's have transpired today, so let's just get you all caught up to speed if you're unlike most of America, and don't spend hours avoiding work by refreshing Twitter.

The A's didn't attend Tim Tebow's showcase

Former quarterback (sorta) Tim Tebow held a baseball tryout today because this is America and if you're elite at one thing, you can garner attention in any other field you may like. The results of Tebow's tryout were pretty much what you'd expect, and the already 29 year old outfield hopeful is unlikely to crack a major league roster, unless it's in a promotional sort of way.

I hate myself for writing a paragraph about Tim Tebow. Here's a dog.

Daniel Gossett promoted

In a year that's been meh for the top guys and pretty dang exciting for some of the lesser ranked guys, Daniel Gossett fits right in. Gossett, who didn't make John Sickels top 20 list for Oakland this year, has turned himself in a great season, making him a real prospect with a real chance at being a regular in Oakland.

Scout Chris Kusiolek has raved about Gossett all season long.

If Gossett is for real, the A's already decent looking pitching depth for the future will get just a little bit deeper. Gossett was a 2014 draft pick (second round) of the A's, so it's a good omen for our ability to draft talent, too. Take a gander at Gossett's impressive stats here.

Joey Wendle expected to be promoted soon

This should be expected with rosters set to expand in just a few days, but Wendle appears to be the next man up when Coco Crisp officially exits Oakland.

I probably shouldn't be so excited about Wendle being a big leauger since his AAA numbers are still slightly pedestrian in his second season at the level. But with it being 2016, this qualifies as exciting news. Let that be a lesson in the importance of expectations.

Anyway, Wendle is probably nothing. If he's anything, it'll likely be in the Eric Sogard mold which while valuable, isn't exactly rare.

But screw that reasonable sentiment and get excited with me. Rookies are fun, and unless he's blocked everyday by Max Muncy (which, please Bob), he's a potential answer at a position that's been a black hole. You just never know.