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UPDATE: Coco Crisp Headed to Cleveland

Tampa Bay Rays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images

Update to the article below: Coco Crisp announcement to be made Wednesday but the deal is done according to John Hickey:

Coco has waived his 10-and-5 rights to allow the trade to occur. Crisp will return to Cleveland where he spent the first four years of his major league career. Hickey reports the deal will entail cash to Cleveland and some mid-level prospects to the A’s.


We’ve heard it for awhile now. Rumors that Coco Crisp could be the next to go. As a part-time outfielder with a switch-hitting bat, Coco Crisp could be very valuable to a team heading to the post-season, especially a team who lacks outfield depth. At 36, Coco is aging—it’s true; but, we also know he is still quite the fighter, having overcome potentially career-ending neck issues the last two years.

So what do we know at this point? We know that Coco has not been happy. He publically stated that he felt that things were “shady” with regard to his playing time. In mid-August, Susan Slusser reported that Coco felt the organization was trying to limit his playing time so that his 2017 option (13 million) would not vest, a total of 130 games or 550 at-bats being the mark for vesting. Melvin and Forst stated that it was time for the younger players to get some playing time, specifically against lefties. Either way, at a total of 102 games played and 393 at bats, he will not vest and will enter free agency come December. Bottom line: Coco Crisp is highly unlikely to be re-signed with the Athletics.

According to MLBTR’s Steve Adams, the Indians and A’s are currently working on a deal to send Coco to the tribe. While a deal is not expected Tuesday night, it could be coming shortly if they are truly “in serious talks” as has been reported.

For Cleveland, this 15 year veteran could be quite the addition. They are still making due without Michael Brantley who was recovering from shoulder surgery in the off-season and most recently had surgery for bicep tendinitis. He is out until 2017, so Coco could help fill that void. As a team who is 4.5 games up in the Central, filling out the Indian roster makes sense.

For Coco to play on that post-season team roster, the deal will need to be done by midnight, EST, August 31. September 1, of course, being the the annual 40 man roster expansion day. So stay tuned as we should know in the next 24+ hours.