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Game #128: Yonder Plays Cardinals By Himself, A's Lose 3-1

Well, technically, Crisp, Healy and Semien each had a hit in tonight's game, but Yonder Alonso was the entire offense with his two hits and one home run, accounting for half of the A's hits and all of their runs. Let's be honest, not a real interesting night. Although, if you're looking for silver linings in late August, Ross Detwiler didn't totally suck. So there's that.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday (really, Saturday) and welcome to another weekend of A's baseball! Although Detwiler put together a positively respectable 5 1/3 innings, allowing six hits and three runs, walking just one while striking out six, the A's offense did him zero favors in this one; barely managing anything off the rookie Luke Weaver. Yep, the Cardinals won the game with the two runs they scored in the first inning and despite a second-inning home run by Alonso, the A's wouldn't come close to scoring again.

If this description sounds like watching paint dry, it's probably because the game was a lot like that too. But hey, Detwiler pitched into the sixth! And did it pretty well!

Let's talk some more about Billy Beane, shall we? Open thread below.

I'll see you back here tomorrow as Zach Neal takes the mound at 4:15.