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Game Thread #105: A's at Indians

I'll settle for 1 out of 3!

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Hello everyone! Guest recapper CryoBioBoy here filling in on this beautiful Sunday morning. The A's are still in Cleveland hoping to salvage at least one game of this series against a very good Indians team. Our series win streak may be broken but there's still time to avoid a sweep.

The Indians are, barring disaster, playoff-bound, and they're finally making some moves to prove it. This trade deadline has been a slow boil all around, but we've finally started to get some action these last few days and the Indians are making their move:

At least I don't think we'll have to face him today? Yay?

There's also this -

Pitching for Oakland today is Sonny Gray. I don't think I need to outline his struggles this season for this pregame thread, as they've been evident to anybody who has watched him at any point this season. It's been said by the Oakland front office that he 100% will not be traded, if only because his value would be so low, so we're officially at the "can we just rebuild some of that value" point in this season. Keep an eye out for what we've seen all year, which is a solid first 3-4 innings followed by a complete unraveling sometime around the 5th. To Gray's credit, he has been consistently going 6 innings in almost every start for over a month, so at least he is eating innings and trying to right the ship.

The Indians have their own ace on the mound today, Corey Kluber. He's been a strong pitcher again this year, like always, and will not make this easy on us.

Today's Lineups

Coco Crisp - LF Carlos Santana - 1B
Marcus Semien - SS Jason Kipnis - 2B
Josh Reddick - RF Francisco Lindor - SS
Khris Davis - DH Mike Napoli - DH
Stephen Vogt - C Jose Ramirez - 3B
Yonder Alonso - 1B Lonnie Chisenhall - RF
Jake Smolinski - CF Tyler Naquin - CF
Max Muncy - 2B Abraham Almonte - LF
Ryon Healy - 3B Roberto Perez - C
Sonny Gray - RHP Corey Kluber - RHP

Game time is an appallingly early 10:10am PT. Go A's!