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Join us for AN Day! Sunday, Aug. 7 vs. the Cubs

UPDATE: Let's meet in the corner of Lot A around the end of the BART Bridge. So, that means one of the following:

- If you're parking in the lot and you enter on 66th Ave., bear left once you enter the lot. You're already entering in Lot A, so you're looking for the front left-ish corner of the lot you're already in.
- If you're coming across the BART bridge, when you get to the end of it, turn right, go down to the bottom of the ramp, and then look around and start yelling Nico's name really loud.

I'm making a pic now to illustrate.

an day map


Howdy, Athletics Nation! The 2016 season is already more than half over, and so it's about time that we have an AN Day tailgate! You'll have a chance to meet lots of the folks you talk to and argue with and curse at and rejoice with here on the site, and if you bring some food with you then you'll also have lunch!

The date will be Sunday, Aug. 7, which is the finale of the Chicago Cubs' second-ever visit to Oakland. I know, that's kind of last-minute, so we're sorry for anyone who could have made it with more notice but now can't. But last-minute is better than not at all! The inspiration for this was that fatrolf is coming in from Chicago for a visit and we were talking about meeting up for a game, and then Zonis mentioned that he is also coming from Chicago that same weekend. Two NRAF's attending the same game was clearly a sign from the baseball gods, and so here we are.

Since there isn't really time to plan anything, there will be no agenda for this event. The only plan is to meet up in a certain part of the parking lot (YET TO BE DETERMINED, OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS) and hang out. If you want to bring stuff to tailgate with (food, drink, ball n glove, etc.), cool. If someone in the comments wants to commit to bringing a grill, then it could at least be a BYOB, but for the most part the best plan is to take care of yourself and bring whatever you might want/need.

There doesn't need to be any official start time, since we're just hanging out. I guess it technically starts when the second person gets there and starts talking to the first. For you that might mean 10 a.m. to get in some good long toss, for others that might mean 12:30 to say hi real quick before you go into the stadium. There is no wrong answer here. Well, the game starts at 1:05, so I guess anything after that is technically a wrong answer in terms of making the tailgate.

We aren't buying group tickets this time. Instead, we're just getting RF bleacher tickets and are going to do our best to sit together. Here's a list of some front page folk who are planning to be there (including myself, obviously):

- Nico
- Jeremy F. Koo
- fatrolf
- Zonis
- bernie_till_i_die
- CryoBioBoy

(I'll add to this list as people respond in the comments.)

Hope to see you there!

How to attend AN Day 2016

Date: Sunday, Aug. 7
Game time: 1:05 p.m., vs. Chicago Cubs
Location: TBD section of Coliseum parking lot
Agenda: Hang out, bring your own everything
Tickets: Buy your own, we'll be in the RF bleachers (Sec. 145-150)