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MLB Home Run Derby Open Thread

Big Mac!
Big Mac!
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Home Run Derby is back back back for another edition in 2016. At this point I assume they only keep doing this event because no one wants to be the one to tell Chris Berman they're canceling it.

There are some sluggers. As usual, some of them are sluggers you would have picked, and some of them aren't. The Dodgers get to have a rookie participate for the second straight year because, I dunno, I guess money talks everywhere in life. Corey Seager wouldn't even have been my top pick from his own family.

There are no A's participating, which is fair enough. Khrush and Semien have big homer totals, and you could make a great argument for Khrush, but it's not a snub that he isn't there. Of course, Semien should be there anyway as a reserve shortstop on the AL team, but let's just not waste our breath this year.

Anyway, discuss the Derby here if you wish. Alternate discussion topic, if you so choose: Who would compete in your All-Time Oakland A's Home Run Derby? Pick your 8 sluggers (Oakland years only), and explain who you think would win and why.