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MLB Draft 2016: Oakland A’s sign overslot deals with two high schoolers

The Athletics have signed fourth-rounder Skylar Szynski and 16th-rounder Anthony Churlin, but they’re well short of incurring any major penalties in next year’s draft.

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics have reached terms with fourth-round draft pick RHP Skylar Szynski and 16th-round pick CF Anthony Churlin, the club announced. Szynski signed for $1 million, reports Michael Caterina of the South Bend Tribune, a deal $486,500 above the $531,500 bonus pool assigned to the No. 112 overall pick. Churlin signed for $175,000, Robert Murray of Today’s Knuckleball reports, with $75,000 charged to the bonus pool.

The A’s have reached agreements with all but the two top 10 draft picks still playing in the College World Series, Florida’s A.J. Puk and Logan Shore. Assuming both end up signed after the tournament, the A’s can charge $9,883,500 to the bonus pool before facing penalties. They can spend 105 percent of that total, or $494,175 above that total, while only paying a 75 percent tax on the overage. Spending more than that results in the club losing its 2017 first round draft pick, at minimum.

Combined with their other reported signings (Baseball America and, the A’s are currently $158,600 over their draft pool limit, well within the 105 percent draft pick loss threshold:

Rd Ovr Player School Pos Class Signed (Bonus) Bonus Pool Over/Under
1 6 A.J. Puk Florida LHP JR $4,069,200
1S 37 Daulton Jefferies California RHP JR $1,600,000 $1,745,700 ($145,700)
2 47 Logan Shore Florida RHP JR $1,351,800
3 83 Sean Murphy Wright State C JR $753,100 $753,100 $0
4 112 Skylar Szynski Penn HS RHP HS $1,000,000 $531,500 $468,500
5 142 JaVon Shelby Kentucky 3B JR $275,000 $398,000 ($123,000)
6 172 Brandon Bailey Gonzaga RHP JR $298,000 $298,000 $0
7 202 Tyler Ramirez UNC CF JR $300,000 $223,300 $76,700
8 232 Will Gilbert NC State LHP SR $75,000 $182,900 ($107,900)
9 262 Dalton Swyer Minnesota LHP SR $45,000 $170,700 ($125,700)
10 292 Mitchell Jordan Stetson RHP JR $200,000 $159,300 $40,700
16 472 Anthony Churlin Island Coast HS CF HS $175,000 -- $75,000
TOT $9,883,500 $158,600
105% $10,377,675 $494,175
105% Spare ($335,575)

A’s scouting director Eric Kuobta spoke with Athletics Farm’s Bill Moriarity about Skylar Synski and the rest of the club’s first 11 selections:

He’s a guy we liked. We had people who liked him as high as the 2nd round or the competitive balance round. He’s an athletic kid. He’s got a good body to build on. We’ve seen him up to 95 mph. He’s got a good breaking ball and the changeup is advanced for a high school guy. There’s a lot to like. Those are the traits that the industry likes in high school pitchers. You get them into your system and hope to develop them, but there’s a lot of physical skill to like.

So far, the A’s have come to terms with:

  • 3 of 6 high school players,
  • 0 of 2 junior college players,
  • 0 of 1 four-year college sophomores,
  • 13 of 18 four-year college juniors,
  • 14 of 14 four-year college seniors and fifth-years.

UPDATE 3:51 PM: SB Nation's Chris Cotillo reports Mitchell Jordan's signing: