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MLB Draft 2016: Oakland A’s sign Cal Bears’ Daulton Jefferies, 25 of 41 picks

The Athletics have signed their Comp A pick.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Athletics have announced they have reached terms with 24 of their 41 selections in the 2016 MLB Draft, including 37th overall draft pick Daulton Jefferies out of the University of California, chosen in Competitive Balance Round A. Jefferies signed for $1.6 million, reports's Jonathan Mayo, $145,700 under the $1,745,700 allocated for that slot in Competitive Balance Round A.

Additionally, Jim Callis of reports that third baseman JaVon Shelby, Oakland’s fifth round selection out of Kentucky, signed an underslot deal for $275,000. Six of Oakland’s first 11 selections have reached an agreement.

So far, the Athletics have reached agreements with:

  • 1 of 6 high school players.
  • 0 of 2 junior college players.
  • 0 of 1 four-year college sophomores.
  • 10 of 18 four-year college juniors.
  • 14 of 14 four-year college seniors and fifth-year seniors.

Oakland’s first and second round picks, A.J. Puk and Logan Shore, respectively, are both pitchers with the University of Florida, and won’t sign until after their team’s trip to the College World Series.

Oakland’s draft bonus pool is accumulated from players drafted in rounds 1 - 10. The A’s only receive bonus pool money if they successfully sign the player in each draft bonus slot, and if they sign all 11, their bonus pool will total $9,883,500. The team can spend up to 105% of its bonus pool, paying only a tax on the amount over 100%. Above 105%, teams forfeit their 2017 first round selection.

Players drafted in later rounds can sign for up to $100,000, and any overage is charged to the bonus pool.

Rd Ovr Player School Pos Class Signed (Bonus) Bonus Pool
1 6 A.J. Puk Florida LHP JR $4,069,200
1S 37 Daulton Jefferies California RHP JR $1,600,000 $1,745,700
2 47 Logan Shore Florida RHP JR $1,351,800
3 83 Sean Murphy Wright State C JR $753,100
4 112 Skylar Szynski Penn HS RHP HS $531,500
5 142 JaVon Shelby Kentucky 3B JR $275,000 $398,000
6 172 Brandon Bailey Gonzaga RHP JR Signed $298,000
7 202 Tyler Ramirez UNC CF JR $223,300
8 232 Will Gilbert NC State LHP SR Signed $182,900
9 262 Dalton Swyer Minnesota LHP SR Signed $170,700
10 292 Mitchell Jordan Stetson RHP JR Signed $159,300
11 322 Eli White Clemson SS JR Signed
12 352 Luke Persico UCLA OF JR Signed
13 382 Nathan Mondou Wake Forest 2B JR Signed
14 412 Nolan Blackwood Memphis RHP JR
15 442 Ty Damron Texas Tech LHP JR
16 472 Anthony Churlin Island Coast HS CF HS
17 502 Seth Martinez Arizona State RHP JR Signed
18 532 Skyler Weber Georgia C JR Signed
19 562 Sam Gilbert Kansas RHP SR Signed
20 592 Brigham Hill Texas A&M RHP SO
21 622 Kyle Nowlin Eastern Kentucky CF SR Signed
22 652 Roger Gonzalez Winthrop C SR Signed
23 682 Christian Lindsay-Young Niagara County CC RHP J1
24 712 Robert Bennie East Stroudsburg U OF JR Signed
25 742 Jeramiah McCray Martin Luther King HS CF HS Signed
26 772 Charley Gould William and Mary 1B SR Signed
27 802 Cole Gruber Nebraska - Omaha CF SR Signed
28 832 Josh Vidales Houston 2B SR Signed
29 862 Matt Milburn Wofford RHP SR Signed
30 892 Nick Highberger Creighton RHP SR Signed
31 922 Sam Sheehan Westmont RHP SR Signed
32 952 Colin Theroux San Joaquin Delta College C JR
33 982 Jarrett Costa Westmont C SR Signed
34 1012 Casey Thomas Texas A&M - Corpus Christi SS SR Signed
35 1042 Daniel Rafferty Bucknell LHP JR
36 1072 Brady Schanuel Parkland Col RHP J1
37 1102 Michael Farley Chico HS CF HS
38 1132 Matthew Frazier Clovis North HS CF HS
39 1162 Shane Martinez John W North HS SS HS
40 1192 Brett Bittiger Pace U 2B 5S Signed